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Daily Ajit Jalandhar is world's famous punjabi newspaper. Ajit punjabi newspaper contains all types of news from all over the world about politics, religion, sports, punjabi virsa, fashion, bollywood etc. Punjabi Ajit is priced at very low price and if you are reading Ajit newspaper online then its free of cost for all. You can read 65 punjabi newspapers and listen 150 punjabi radios with punjabi news toolbar. Ajit jalandhar newspaper is also included in the list of these newspapers. If you don't want this toolbar then you can read ajit jalandhar newspaper directly from Ajit's website. Click the links below to read Ajit Jalandhar Punjabi Newspaper.
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Welcome to Ajit Jalandhar Punjabi Newspaper Daily.

Ajit Jalandhar or Ajit Punjab Di Awaaz is a Punjabi Newspaper published daily from Jalandhar Punjab. Barjinder Singh Hamdard is the cheif editor of Ajit Jalandhar Newspaper. Ajit Jalandhar is the favorite newspaper of Punjabis all around the world.

Ajit Jalandhar newspaper's printing was started by S.S. Hamdard. Ajit Jalandhar is number 1 Punjabi newspaper in the world. Ajit has a very strong visitor list online. All Punjabis living anywhere read Ajit before reading any other newspaper. Ajit jalandhar newspaper is famous all over the world including in USA, Dubai, UAE, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, UK,  and many other countries. Ajit has many jounrnlist all over the world. The website of Ajit punjabi daily is ajitjalandhar.com.

Ajit Jalandhar No.1 Punjabi Newspaper of Punjab.